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A Hamline degree will set you apart

pg电子游戏, we believe in providing you with a career-ready education. 这就是为什么, 作为一个吹笛手, you will participate in practical, real-world experiences both in and out of the classroom to help prepare you for your career.

From every class in your chosen major to your general course requirements, Hamline ensures that by the time you graduate, you will have a top-rated education that is attractive to future employers. 

Chart showing Your Hamline Education, divided evenly into 8 segments: Professionalism, 沟通, 领导, 批判性思维, 公平与包容, 团队合作, 职业与自我发展, 数字素养

1. Easy-to-complete general education plan 

Every Piper completes our general education plan—the pg电子游戏计划—which helps you develop skills such as collaboration, 领导, 批判性思维, and communication— so you have the tools to succeed in your first career and every career thereafter.

The pg电子游戏计划 requirements are seamlessly interwoven into your major and minor coursework, making it easy to graduate in four years.

Learn more about the pg电子游戏计划 


A student explains their research poster at the spring showcase

2. Skills-based minors to make you more competitive

A skill-based minor complements any major and gives you more opportunities to enhance your education—helping you stand out in your field. 例子包括:

  • 应用心理学辅修
  • 商业实践辅修
  • 数据可视化 
  • 数字叙事辅修课程
  • 道德与辩护辅修
  • Forensic and investigative science minor
  • 领导小


3. Hands-on experiential learning built into everything

而在其他大学, students have to wait until their senior year or even graduate school before they can participate in educational and practical experience opportunities in their field, 在pg电子游戏, you have the opportunity from day one. These opportunities can help you stand out when applying for jobs after graduation.

4. 从第一天起就提供学术支持


我们的任何游览选择, you can meet with faculty in the area you're interested in, 旁听一堂课, and talk with students about their Hamline experience.